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Green Mediterranean International Portugal and our partners is a leading independent group, focused on commodity and goods trading and providing solutions globally on significant mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, financings.

Green Mediterranean International Portugal LDA

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Rua 1º de Dezembro Nº 5 7100-123 Estamoz, Portugal

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Registo LEI Portugal


Rua 1º de Dezembro Nº 5 7100-123 Estamoz, Portugal




We specialize in providing services of trading and financial advisory and execution services to both public and privates corporate.


Based in Lisbon and Athens, we serve our clients globally and we are able to draw on expertise from around the world.

About Us

Green Mediterranean International Portugal LDA has its registered office in Portugal. Its current status is listed as active. The company is registered at the Registre de commerce et des sociétés at the local court of Portugal with the legal form of Société à responsabilité limitée (number 2022059818).

3 directors currently run the company: 3 managers. The company reports contain information on the company’s ownership structure and its 5 shareholders. The company has one location. The company report was last updated on November 21, 2022.

Our Team

Joaquim Peres

Chief Executive Officer


Michael Eftimiadis



Dennis Contreras

Managing member



Antonios Mitousis

Managing member



Nick Andronikidis

Accounting Director



Our services cover a interest range of business activities and developments include flotations on the capitals of Europe and other capital markets around the world, fundraisings, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, capital structuring, structuring and management of various securities.

Bellow you can find out about the areas of our service activities.

Business Consulting & Financing Advisories

Wealth management is our cornerstone service and includes consulting in the areas of investments, stragestic investment planning.
Once our clients are comfortable with their defined goals, we proceed to build an investment strategy responsive to their objectives.

Our strategies are assembled from a comprehensive product array, with effective asset allocation the critical component. Our methods are based upon goals for personal financial comfort as well as business and investment needs, family legacies, and charitable considerations. Drawing upon our extensive experience and the professional alliances we have cultivated, our wealth management services include:

  • Project Management
  • Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Restricted and Control Stock Sales
  • Employee Stock Option Financing
  • Monetizing and Hedging Strategies for Concentrated Stock Positions
  • Cash Management

Corporate Share Repurchase Programs

Investments and Asset Management

Today the wealth management industry has become largely commoditized. What you buy from one of its practitioners may be virtually indistinguishable from what you buy from most others. Asset allocation has become routine precisely at the moment when it must be most carefully and strategically implemented. 

Our investment team performs detailed analysis in order to allocate investments best suited to the environment.

At Green Mediterranean International Portugal LDA, we begin with an eye toward relative value with a disciplined, consistent philosophy. We are committed to the proposition that wealth is best enhanced and preserved not by fixed and rigid programs, but by tailoring immutable principles —product knowledge, deliberate planning, and vigilant risk management—to constantly changing and evolving markets.

Wealth management is not a push-button operation. It is hard work that requires concentration and integrity. At our group we recognize that investors want results. We monitor global data points and metrics to formulate, what we believe to be, the best allocation for our clients’ assets and draw upon a reservoir of experience, information, and knowledge within the global investment industry.


Our group of companies provides corporate finance services in the following areas:

  • Financing Advisories
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Global Securities and Instruments
  • Corporate and Business Strategy Advisory

Our group of partners has been connecting traders with direct market access to the global market exchanges and goods, using trading platforms that provides the savvy trader who demands the best in access with trades that are executed directly and efficiently across international exchanges.

Our partners has a proven track record of providing an efficient and reliable infrastructure to global markets, include trading office managers and vendors. We strive to provide the best in management solutions from training, risk management, and compliance, to real time data solutions and network management.

We support and advice our clients to achieve their goals through our experience and expertise.

Project and Facility management

This group’s department of this activity staffed by the professionals leading the company, specialized in managing complex projects, large-scale infrastructure operations and facility management services.

The last 30 years have development many infrastructures and buildings projects all over the world and has positioned itself as a group specialized in two interrelated fields: Project management and facility management.

Real Estate, Constructions Development & properties management

In the property management world, a real estate investment group that manages deals and property trading knows that it’s a full-time job on their own. Managing the daily operations is a whole other job on its own.

Regardless of the size of your investment portfolio (number of rental properties), our group realizes that every property owner needs a plan of action. By working with us, you will be utilizing our systematic plan for your property that keeps you out of the undesirable aspects and duties of management while also protecting your rental properties.

Our property management plan has been developed over several years of service to real estate investment groups throughout Europe, USA, Middle East and Africa. Our expert property management team has the experience to handle management tasks that include different activities and services

  • Lease Agreements
  • Tenant Screening
  • Make-Readys
  • Inspection Photo Reports
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Accounting
  • Evictions
  • Investment Sales

When handling a large scale investment portfolio of rental homes, you are more susceptible to the unpleasantries that can arise from your venture. You need a management partner to oversee the day to day operation and take care of business on your behalf. When you have Huntahome on your side to manage your Dallas property, you can rest assured that we will handle these issues with efficiency and expertise.

Finance Advising

Advising and consulting services of Wealth Management.

Comprehensive, customized investment management and financial planning solutions for for citizen and investors all over the world.

We understand that expatriates have unique needs when it comes to wealth management. Our planning-led approach allows us to find customized solutions for the complex financial planning situations you face as an expatriate. Your plan will be crafted to support your specific goals and your portfolio will be designed to help you reach those goals while meeting currency exposure needs and ensuring your holdings meet country tax compliance requirements.


Our group offers, facilitate and develop comprehensive investment project management services in the green energy sector, trade, real estate, mining and other sectors.

Green Mediterranean International Portugal LDA, an investment consulting group of companies headquartered in the Portugal city of Lisbon, successfully serves large public and private customers in many countries around the world. Our leading experts have more than 25 years of experience in the international financial market. We provide reliable financing for projects using the most realistic schemes and models for various sectors of the economy.